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The Lotus and the Rose tattoos are the two most popular flower. The lotus is a rose in the East, because it is so popular in the East and the rose in the west. The lotus flower has a story to tell – a flower that grows in the mud and come out clean and pure, to thrive in perfect beauty, sublime floating on the surface. Closes its petals and every night, like people, awakened from his sleep, just like people, open to the sunlight in the day. Some people prefer to think like humans, opens his soul to God. This ability to thrive on the surface and float on the mud symbolizes detachment from this world – in the world but not of. Poets and artists have tried to describe and illustrate the beauty and mystery. Tattoos lotus flower symbolizes these two properties.

Lotus flower tattoos 2 Best Flower Tattoos

It has a strong bond with Hinduism and Buddhism – both religions use the flower as a symbol of perfection, a symbol of the divine, giving it a mystical quality like no other flower. Hindu gods are represented by the lotus flower as part of them or with a lotus flower. For Buddhists, the flower is the throne of the Buddha. The Eightfold Path of Buddhism, Dharma, called features, represented by its petals. The color of the lotus flower has a different meaning in different cultures – white for purity, Blue stands for the red stands for goodness and enlightenment. The ancient Egyptians regarded the blue lotus as a sacred and a sign of purity, because the dirt will not stick to their petals.

Lotus flower tattoos 3 Best Flower Tattoos

It is extremely hard. The seeds can remain, dormant for 200 years and then flourish with the first rains. The base is heavy and not easily broken. The Chinese saw this as a symbol of the lotus flower tattoo symbolize fidelity.The a fresh start, new hope and new life, durability and endurance. The popoularity the lotus flower in the middle of so many cultures represented thousands of times. This means that there are many tattoo designs lotus flower. The designs are varied and can be used anywhere in the body. You can choose to change their personality and feelings. You can send a message to the world or you can simply by a lotus flower tattoo himself – to give you the power to give hope to be lifted to the spirits, remember to say that never die, to endure.

Hawaiian flower tattoos 11 600x463 Best Flower Tattoos

Tattoo designs for women really need to be communicative, and important enough to focus on refining and royal splendor in relation to women physically. For women, access to the art of tattooing on the part of their individuality and self-describe their beauty and femininity. The end result of careful preparation and attention to it in determining exactly what deserves the tattoo designs are applied to go.

The models of tattoos for women is to be forever a description of a party with respect to their individuality. If your friend wants to say correctly, something that would be important and personal meaning for them. Here are some of the most famous to mention variations favorite tattoo that women do in general.

Hawaiian flower tattoos 21 600x450 Best Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are beautiful and perhaps one of the best treasures of nature. Besides their aesthetic and deep symbolic significance, is a big surprise for someone who is constantly finally tattooed on a woman’s body. Some of the most popular cherry blossom flower tattoos, lotus, lilies and roses. For a warm, Hawaiian flower tattoos, including hibiscus, frangipani and orchids are usually selected.

Butterfly tattoos colorful butterflies have interesting colors and shapes, not the symbolic participation in relation to all of them. Show change, transformation, in addition to the new life which inturn are all aspects of life in which women are able to relate. The attraction of the powerful, that it is a reflection butterfly tattoo design classics are designed with the ladies.

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Stars, stars are perhaps one of the oldest symbols and women involved as a result of the fact, in the simplicity and versatility. In fact, they can be tattooed anywhere on the body, but also seem very interesting. Be represented in the skin, possibly as Lone Star, star clusters and star tattoos really liked shooting.

The angel fairy and mythical creatures are usually fun, they seem to be a role model for women and is currently a relaxed, playful and at ease. Her beautiful features fantasy and elegance, not to mention his pleasing general appearance are basically the same reasons Fairy tattoos are largely in favor of TAT-style with the ladies. The angel on the other hand, are generally seen as the guardians and protectors, this means that probably, that the idea that a woman tattooed on the woman’s body. The tattoo of angel wings, signed on the contrary, usually on the back of a woman, probably the epitome of genuine need to fly.

Today, there are animals and insects, many animals that are seen often tattooed on a woman’s body. They are usually the guys that are gentle and not so wild that the guys often do. Birds like the swallow and the sparrow are usually affects girls. Fish and dolphins welcome animal creatures, the girls love that you inserted a needle into the body. Insects such as dragonflies and ladybugs, especially, is usually much appreciated by the ladies, because they connected with their unique colors and essential meaning.

When it comes to the placement of tattoos, there are also top rated favorite with the ladies, depending on the design of your choice. With regard to small and simple tattoo, are the foot, ankle and wrist usually the most popular places. What patterns are detailed extensive tattoos, chest, back, shoulder and belly tattoo places of choice for women.

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Piercings and painting are some of the hottest trends in decorating the skin of young people fascinated by these days. It’s a common thing for everyone at least have a tattoo visible parts of the body or more discrete, and there are certainly preferences in terms of the model is different for men and women. If, for men, abstract shapes, dragons, scorpions, and what are your favorite tattoo, flowers are usually the choice of girls and young women. Flower tattoos usually decorate the lower back, arms or legs.

The combination of flowers and vines in flower tattoos is a common cause, and not to forget that sometimes it goes well with butterflies and a beautiful rainbow, all combined in a colorful body art and tonic. But before getting a permanent tattoo of flowers, you should try some models are only temporary painting on the skin surface. They will go without needles, and after two or three showers designed, although the purpose, it is temporary tattoos of flowers to ensure that they are, what you really want. With a constant, it is quite difficult to undo things, but not impossible.

Flower Tattoos 2 Best Flower Tattoos

In the old days of floral tattoos were part of the cultural life of mystical India, where body painting is still highly valued. Take, for example, tattoos lotus flower, representing no doubt the wisdom and serenity of the beauty that comes out of clay. Therefore, it is virtually impossible, the rich diversity of the hidden meanings of tattoos of a flower, perhaps the lotus flower is connected to deny more cooperation, but there is a subtle body paint messages sent. Orchids are often sexuality while forget-me-nots are great for sad moods.

Flower Tattoos 3 600x450 Best Flower Tattoos

All young people that I have a body painting to get done, you should definitely consider before you actually permanent tattoos of flowers. It’s true that you never know if the same tattoo as a great look in her eyes in a few years because it considered the youthful spirit, but many think that’s worth. If he always wants to make the tattoos of flowers undone, it’s good to know that most of them had a laser surgery is needed, but do not guarantee the complete removal of skin color.


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