12 Most popular neck tattoos

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neck tattoos pictures 1 600x450 12 Most popular neck tattoos

Tattoos have been around since ancient times have been here, but until a few decades are associated with each offender in the community, made gang members, prisoners, sailors, wild rock stars, etc, but now tattoos innovation to be large and it seems that everyone wants to have one. Tattooing has become very popular in the group of 18 to 50 years old. Neck tattooed men have become a fashion and were very painful, but is fairly common. But the neck tattoos are not necessarily seen as sexy or even attractive, but many women, some women are turned to see a tattooed neck. But despite this, some of the coolest tattoo designs and popular men’s neck given below.
neck tattoos pictures 2 12 Most popular neck tattoos
1. Cross – His appearance is a little punk, but the gray artistic Celtic crosses her neck look very attractive. They are small, but a visual treat.

2. Barcode – looked in the neck, that’s a pretty unique design and is not directly visible when wearing shirts.

3. Twirling hoses – This gives a rather tense and dangerous for the neck. Gangsters typically bear just like the rappers on display.

4. Jesus on the cross – in the back of the neck, looked, looks very sexy, but it has religious symbolism, most of the tattoo looks generally good guys.

5. Pink – have usually seen as a feminine tattoo in the right neck, a red rose is a strange subject to the same romantic people.

6. Calaveras – Calaveras in the neck are usually colorful to attract attention, not morbid, but it would be cool or even funny.
neck tattoos pictures 3 12 Most popular neck tattoos
7. Fire – A beautiful tattoo that was signed on the side or back of the neck, masculine red and orange colors and lovely lot.

8. Tribal – a small tribe on the side or back of the neck in the push factor.

9. Gothic – Gothic designs are very attractive, even with people who are not part of the service. A sexy gothic skull can add to the personality of the person.

10. Starsign – These are very masculine and sexy when you are done in a small format, with different nuances. Some people even have some of the properties in connection with his shield or on the side with write preferred.

11. Heart – Bleeding Hearts are broken or very masculine and represents much of what is the position of the person’s love.

12. Nautical Star – This is a popular design and can be to the side or back of the neck to do, to the North Star and not necessarily have to be a sailor on a. It may be red or blue or light gray opaque, depending on your choice.

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