Flower Rib Tattoos – 5 beautiful flower tattoo designs in the chest

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Chest tattoos are signed in fashion at that time, as many fans did on the side of your body. With rib area, that the ability to accommodate large and have complex designs TAT, it is no wonder why this is one of the most popular topic nowadays.

When it comes to design options, the flowers seem to be the most preferred image. These are the top 5 favorite flower patterns on the side of the ribs.

Cherry blossoms, with its delicate pink blossoms, looking impressive in the tattooed body. It is a very symbolic flower because it is that the female beauty and sexuality can mean in China. In Japan, however, the flower is the transience of life in relation to their Buddhist teachings and beliefs.
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Lotus flower is another miracle that out of the dark muddy pond is fully absorbed in the petals and bloomed brilliantly happened. It represents the journey of those who went through difficult moments in his life, but capable of all the difficulties and successes have come to overcome the winner.

Rose is a classic floral pattern certainly never loses its appeal. Its meaning depends on what color it is. Red-types usually about love and romance, the rose is synonymous with grace and elegance, while the yellow evokes a feeling of happiness and warmth.

Lily has always been associated with purity and innocence in combination. This is due to the fact that this flower was seen in old paintings of the Virgin Mary are attributed. This fragrant and beautiful flower comes in a variety of colors including pink, red, white, purple and orange.
flower rib tattoos 3 Flower Rib Tattoos   5 beautiful flower tattoo designs in the chest
Hibiscus is a flower that blooms in vibrant colors for a short time, which is why we are known for the delicate beauty of represented. It is said that in Hawaii, as does the hibiscus in the right ear, and that you are looking for love. Do they taken on the left ear and means to be happy with love at this time.

Its cherry blossoms, lotus, lily, hibiscus pink and all the potential to be a fascinating and beautiful piece of chest tattoo. All you have to do is choose the design of his wisdom and work with a confidence artist. Good luck in your body art.

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